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for 2 months. With all of the above installed on your Server 2003 machine you would be able to run the Non-Progig Licensing Test. You can run this on a regular basis to ensure that all services and processes are licensed correctly, and it is possible to monitor this with the Server Manager. This can be used to check individual services or it can be used to check the entire server for licensing and then be reused for the next server. I recently moved my web server to a new server and so when I began using it to install the new services on this new server, I noticed that the installation process was reporting the Licensing Service was not licensed. In looking through the Licensing Service logs it appeared to be reporting that there were no licenses available for this service on the server even though there was a license available. So I went and checked the license key on the old server that the new server was being moved to and there was a license available for the Licensing service, but I was not able to find the key that the Licensing Service was requesting from the old server. The Licensing Service shows on the windows task manager and the License List that I can see the key from my old server but cannot see any way to assign this key to the Licensing Service. Once I have the license key I was able to license the Licensing Service on the new server. To get the license key for the Licensing Service you need to access the following menu: Right click on the Windows Taskbar and select Properties Select the Window Tab Select the Licensing Services button in the right hand panel The License List opens up as shown below and a search bar can be used to locate a key. The search is case sensitive and you can use wildcards if you like. You can also add the license to the License List by selecting the add button and entering a key. After you have located the key you can assign it to the Licensing Service via the following menu: Select the button that is labelled License Key. Type in the key you have located and assign it to the Licensing Service as appropriate. In order to be able to perform this task you will need to have access to the command prompt on the server. You can do this



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Prtg Licence Key [Latest]

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